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Morzsi - the dog of my life

Morzsi was my third temporary dog. Usually, if I hosted a dog temporary from NOÉ than I wrote many articles on it in order to get new hosts as soon as possible. But now it's not surprising that most of you (probably more than 90%) don't know who Morzsi was or what am I talking about. The only people who know it are working for NOÉ regularly or his new host. So I am starting now from the beginning and in the end it would be clear what is this all about.

Land for sale in Pécel to animal lovers and for purpose .

For sale in Pécel a 14,000 m2 land for animal right actvists and for animal-education activities. The owner doesn’t want the future owner to build houses, residences or subdivisions but instead some environmental and animal-friendly activities (eg horseriding center.)

The roe deer that didn't end up in the cooking pot
The other day in the evening we received a call from locals reporting about a roe deer squirming in a springe. The locals who called specified the location of the animal quite precisely, in the small forested area behind the Asia Center Plaza in district 15.

The dog breeder of the prairie is here again – and yes, now we have 30 new ewoks
Those who have kept an eye on us in the previous years might remember the sweet little “ewoks”, the doggies we rescued in 2006 and 2008 from a plot we christened “the prairie”.

The everyday life of our confiscated cats
As we reported in a previous post, the local authorities in the 17th district asked for our help with the housing of 10 cats that were kept in a fourth-floor flat under horrible circumstances. The animal shelter was given the task of taking care of the cats until the case is settled.

We started a new special project: the Cat Rescue is here!
The webpage of the new special program is up and running!

The Ringier Publishing House is the main supporter of the annual ARC poster exhibition, that focuses on the civil sector and human responsibilities. This year civil organizations that act on a voluntarily basis without political support and influence have been addressed directly to participate by submitting posters.

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