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We started a new special project: the Cat Rescue is here!
The webpage of the new special program is up and running!

The Ringier Publishing House is the main supporter of the annual ARC poster exhibition, that focuses on the civil sector and human responsibilities. This year civil organizations that act on a voluntarily basis without political support and influence have been addressed directly to participate by submitting posters.

Attack against the fleas!
Every time the summer comes, we have to give antiparasitic treatment to all of our dogs.
We would like to ask for help from our supporters.

Click for a bowl of food!
There are other means to help us and our animals, voluntary work and money donation are not the only options. Please take a minute and join the Pedigree Adoption Program on Facebook!

The local government of district 17, Budapest asked for our help in the first days of June, 2010.In 2009, a local woman was reported to have held a large number of animals on her property. According to the actual legal regulations, only two cats were allowed to be kept in one flat, but it was impossible to check whether the woman kept the regulation as she was unwilling to let the authorities in.

When an animal is old and sick...
This is what makes the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter different! We gave him a chance when he got to us blind and old, and we are still on his side...

Dog rescue action in Dabas
26 March 2010 the Local Veterinary Inspector of Dabas called our shelter, asking for help concerning ca. 30-40 dogs that were kept under horrible circumstances, without any food or water. The dogs were confiscated by the police, their housing and veterinary treatment is now taken care of by the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter. The location of the owner of the plot on which the animals were kept is unkown. He had violated the animal welfare act several times during the previous years. He is charged with cruelty to animals and is prohibited from all forms of animal keeping in the area of Dabas town.

Neglected pets
When we hear a report about abandoned and tortured animals, the main character of the story is usually a dog or a cat. It is, however, a mistake to believe that only these pets suffer from human neglect and roam aimlessly on the streets. Other small animals, ferrets, hamsters or guinea pigs are also thrown out from time to time, and their chance to survive is even smaller than that of dogs and cats.

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