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  Thysson's second knee surgery!

The old boy reacts badly to stress which means he will have a mild a epileptic attack which comes with a cataton behaviour. So every unusual situation, pain, sedation, medical examination comes with extra risks.

We are in shock!

Jonny, Rémusz, Rezeda és Rituka came to us from the city pound on Budapest. We were called by them and they asked for our help for the 4 elderly dogs. They have guarded their deceased elderly owner...

Duett was ran over by a car!

We gave her the name of Duett and she came from Ózd where she was ran over by a car. The eyewitnesses have said that due to the impact she flew a few meters in the air.

Tejbegríz’s last surgery!

Do you recognize this beautiful princess?

Yes, she is Tejbegríz. Her wounds have healed and she is no longer in heat so with every obstacle gone she had her last surgery. She was neutered and her useless leg was amputated.

A miracle coming true, or the true story of Füstös, the sealdog’s luck
Ez a tündérmese tavaly májusban kezdődött. És alig egy év alatt egy év alatt egy béna, de hatalmas szívvel, lélekkel és akaraterővel rendelkező kiskutya megmutatta mindannyiunknak, hogy semmi sem lehetetlen, hogy igenis vannak csodák. De ezért tenni kell, küzdeni kell, nem létezik a könnyebbik út és soha nem szabad feladni. Füstös aki tavaly májusban fókaként, bénán kúszott mászott az út szélén egy árokban, alig egy év alatt puccos, báránybőrön alvós, négy lábon szaladgálós, urizáló gazdis kutya lett.

Sajó family attacked with a pitchfork is now safe in our Animal Home!

We have received a call from Sajószentpéter about a mother dog and her 4 barely 1 week old puppies. The owner of the dog tried to throw her out the garden and tried to kill the puppies with a pitchfork.

Zseni's biopsy result are not good!

As you all know Zseni's penis was removed due to a mutation and an obstruction and new exit was created so he could pee again. We were very hopefull because Zseni started to heal nicely and he didn't have pain anymore.

Boloo update!

One of Boloo's front leg is deformed. His previous owner couldn't afford the operation so they turned to us for help.

Rafael the miniature pig

The Noah’s animal home foundation has expanded and now has a new division.

The Noah’s animal home has been operating more then 25 years on a 8,5 acres land and from now on we have a new shelter in Szergény in Vas county. It can accomodate 100 dogs and it has a seperate quarantene section in Celldömölk which can accomodate 20 dogs.

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Black Friday
Black Friday
Black Friday was found on 24th of November, 2017 at...

Ila was born in 2012 and her previous owner took...

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