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NOÉ 1 százalék

  World's Animal day is coming!
World Animal Day at Noah's Animal Shelter 2022
World Day of Vegetarianism and Non-Violence
Sunday 2 October 2022 from 10:00 to 16:00
NOÉ Animal Shelter (Budapest, XVII. district, end of Csordakút street)

Szirom and her skin
The Szerep city pound has asked for help for this sweet, tiny dachshund girl. She was wandering on the streets of Szerep with a severe skin condition.

Avokádó news!
Remember little Avocado? About 3 weeks ago they asked for help from Bátonytereny. A heartless, inhuman monster shot this tiny dog in the neck.

There is no stopping us!
It was our heartworm day again‼️ So we went with 5 dogs who have tested positive for heartworms to Dr. Dalma Péterfia specialist for an examination, heart ultrasound and treatment protocol.

Every life counts!
Farm animals are rarely mentioned, even though they can get sick or injured. At the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation, everyone, regardless of breed, receives the highest level of medical care.

Our Angels in Szergény are back!
A few days ago, we prepared for the weekend with feverish excitement, as we received the news that the Angels were back. We have known for a long time - and I think you have known for a long time - that the Angels driving Alphas.

Szőlő's story
Another shot dog in the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation 💔😡😢
The Füzesabony Animal Welfare Foundation has asked for our help for Szőlő.

Cikáz will heal!
Cikáz was run over at the weekend, taken to the Csipet csapat Veterinary Centre in shock, unable to walk.
Examination revealed a pelvic fracture and free abdominal fluid, which was seen on the ultrasound.

Bunnies are up for adoption!
Spayed and neutered and vaccinated, they are looking for a new family where they will be cherished for as long as they live.

Remove the curse!
On Luca's day, help find a new owner for the 3-legged protegés of the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation ‼️

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Tappancsos család Tihamér
Tappancsos család Tihamér
The Lyukó Tappancsai Állatvédő Egyesület has asked for our help....

Species: Dog
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2019.07.01.

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