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  Meet the Fehér Family!
Our newest dog family is called Fehér Family. They are hardly 6 weeks old. They came from the pound in Ujfehértó. We don't know how they ended up on death row but we are guessing that they are another unwanted litter that was thrown out like garbage.

Borsó is fighting for her life!
When I first saw Borsó and her please help post I knew that we had to help and quickly. After organizing the transport our Ernő went to Abony to pick her up. She was brought to the Juhász Small Animal Clinic where her treatment started right away.

The family is back together!
The puppies of the skin and bones Panama the Vizsla mother dog have been found. Her saviours went back to the ghost house where the she was found. They were not at the house in the horrible condition but they were not far in the woods.

Mogyoró update!
It looks like we are WINNING! Our beautiful Mogyoró who was practically cut in half by a sword is getting some fresh air in the courtyard at the Délpest Surgical Center. This wonderful dog is full of life, love and kindness.

A miracle coming true, or the true story of Füstös, the sealdog’s luck
Ez a tündérmese tavaly májusban kezdődött. És alig egy év alatt egy év alatt egy béna, de hatalmas szívvel, lélekkel és akaraterővel rendelkező kiskutya megmutatta mindannyiunknak, hogy semmi sem lehetetlen, hogy igenis vannak csodák. De ezért tenni kell, küzdeni kell, nem létezik a könnyebbik út és soha nem szabad feladni. Füstös aki tavaly májusban fókaként, bénán kúszott mászott az út szélén egy árokban, alig egy év alatt puccos, báránybőrön alvós, négy lábon szaladgálós, urizáló gazdis kutya lett.

Bally and her tumors
Bally came from Bátorterenye. She was wondering around the streets and she has breast cancer a size of a small child's head. Besides this she also has smaller ones on her other teats. (Did you know that if you neuter at a young age then you can decrease the risk of breast cancer?)

Csutka will never walk again
Csutka came into our care over the holidays. He was in a bad condition and we weren't sure if he would survive the first couple of days. Thanks to the staff of the Juhász Animal Clinic his condition improved and now he in our animal home in our hospital ward.

Another heart worm surgery!
It is a difficult day for us. Two of our Pugs had to have a very dangerous catheter surgery so the grown heart worms could be removed from around their hearts.

Ivanhoe news!
Little Ivanhoe has had his first implant adjustment. Our miracle worker vet Dr. Boda was satisfied with his recovery so far but he has a long road ahead of to complete recovery.

The Noah’s animal home foundation has expanded and now has a new division.

The Noah’s animal home has been operating more then 25 years on a 8,5 acres land and from now on we have a new shelter in Szergény in Vas county. It can accomodate 100 dogs and it has a seperate quarantene section in Celldömölk which can accomodate 20 dogs.

Legújabb állataink
Species: Dog
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2012.01.01.

Csenge-Eredeti gazdáját keressük!
Csenge-Eredeti gazdáját keressük!
Species: Dog
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2018.02.01.

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