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Farwell - pet cremation

What a cute, small pet who is in need of alms when we get to know him. And later he is in need of alms again when we let him go for his last route. If we are lucky we can spend 16 years or more with him in health, love, playing games. It’s lovely when he is purring. When we need a shoulder to cry on he comes and snuggling. It’s understandable if we would give him honors because he was also a member of the family. It’s a tough stage when we lose our beloved pets.

Noah Animal Shelter in 2012

In spite of financial difficulties, the year of 2012 was the year of development...

Two of our big dreams could come true

The road to the Shelter – regardless of the weather – is not only beautiful but flat as well so it makes our life easier...

Dia’s fairy tale

This is not a tale, this is the story of Dia who had lived in Noah the longest. She became a resident at a very young age. In spite of the fact that she was beautiful, young and kind somehow the potential owners did not occur. She became old at Noah, she won the match against cancer three times and she turned to an old granny. But now, after living nine years in the shelter, Dia, in her early teens has an OWNER in Germany. So yes, this is a real fairy tale.

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