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Dia’s fairy tale

This is not a tale, this is the story of Dia who had lived in Noah the longest. She became a resident at a very young age. In spite of the fact that she was beautiful, young and kind somehow the potential owners did not occur. She became old at Noah, she won the match against cancer three times and she turned to an old granny. But now, after living nine years in the shelter, Dia, in her early teens has an OWNER in Germany. So yes, this is a real fairy tale.

An animal for Christmas? Don’t do it!
As Xmas is getting closer a lot of people think that they should give a dog, cat or other pet as a present. NOAH’s Animal Shelter wants to ask every adopter to think it twice because adopting a pet is not for a few weeks but for 15-20 years.

Behind the scene

I’m writing this to let you see what we do every day. It’s not because I want to impress you, not even for commendation. The main goal is to let you feel what we feel or how we see things. Education is very important for us so here is a „lesson”. While you are reading this, please try to think about: what would you do? What would you feel? How would you react?

And you call yourself animal right activist??

After a long day we were extremely tired. After we did our volunteering work all day when we were closing the gate of the shelter a car has arrived at our place. I heard that my colleague told the man that we have no more place to host his dog. It is because the puppy has no vaccination and we don’t have a free quarantine now. So the man says with an unsympathetic voice that he is going to leave the dog here on the street. Unfortunately we are well prepared for this situation; it wasn’t the first and last case. We said o.k. it’s not a problem but we are denouncing him.

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