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Lujzi is back... we were disappointed again
Lujzi was born in 2003, she is an old, blind and sweet old lady. She was adopted about 11 years ago in the Noe Animal Shelter, with hope and clear heart at that time. She has been loved and adored, she was the apple of the family’s eyes. Now she came into the field of our vision after a community notice, that an old dog is living alone in an abandoned house with a fellow dog.

Retek Mum and the 5 babies with ’R’
Füzesabony Animal Care asked us for help to place a dog family. Retek Mum is a tiny, weighs less than 10 kilograms, very young, probably sharpie mixed girl, who has given birth to her puppies in a water ditch. She has raised and taken care of them in the middle of nothing. When the babies could get on their feet, this situation became dangerous, because they started to go onto busy motorways. Luckily the whole family was collected in the end.

Stex needed SOS spine operation!
You already know this beauty, he is the dog, who had jumped out from the second floor, but survived. With this hasty action, he used up 4 lives at once, hopefully form a lot. He was set free from the Illatos Steet and jumped out form the second floor. A vertebra fracture came after a life-saving liver operation, then euthanasia was the next. We don’t how many lives he has, but we hope still many-many, because now he has to fight again against his fate.

Sweet Szaft, VERY GOOD news!
This beautiful girl seems to be pulled through. Go Szaft, go!!! Her one month orthopedic control was this week. There was so much excitement, panic and anxiety, but little Szaft is a strong girl, pulled herself together, and it seems everything will be okay. :D

Tudor is tailored!
Tudor, who WAS the ‘two-headed’ puli, is over his surgery. It seems the long, complicated and dangerous surgical action was successful. The second head has been removed from Tudor’s bottom, so the giant lipoma has been eliminated. Lipoma is a benign, but it could be very risky for a dog at this size.
Please note that the article contains natural pictures of the surgery!

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