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Looking for original owner!
A DOG FOUND AROUND ISASZEG! We are looking for its original owner!

A seriously injured dog in our care
A severely injured dog was found in Budapest (04.06.2022), he was taken into the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation.

Megyer news!
Look we brought you extra cute pictures 🥰 Megyer came into the care of Noah Animal Shelter Foundation just 1 month ago.

Totyi needs a favor
"I am Totyi, a known kidney patient since I was 2 months old. I'm on renal formula and ipakitine powder to keep me alive and symptom free.
Can you help me stay alive?"

He will heal too!
Rajmund💔 is one of the new protegés of the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation, who was found in such a terrible condition between Heves and Tenk.

Megyer update!
This is the unfortunate dog who collapsed in Nógrádmegyer over the weekend. He has terrible wounds on his neck, chest and legs. He is still in hospital of course.

Once again disturbing 🔞➕ images
This young boy puppy collapsed yesterday afternoon in Nógrádmegyer. He has huge, deep, infected, lacerated cuts - probably from bites - on his lower neck, chest and left leg.

He will be beautiful again!
The Stray Hearts Animal Rescue Foundation - Karcag received a call for help for this young dog with a severe skin condition.

Our little Ingrid
Animal lovers found this tiny little dog in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. Dirty, muddy, scared and skinny. 🙁

Sziszó's new life
Over the weekend, we received a request for help from the Football fans for Animals Foundation. They came to a report of a dog in poor condition in the 16th district. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that Siszó needed immediate medical attention...

Another puppy with parvo has been brought into our care, currently in the Juhász Pet Clinic 🙏

This beautiful dog was chained to the railing of the bridge on an abandoned road near Füzesabony. 😡 He was rescued by the Füzesabony Animal Welfare Foundation and from there he was taken into the care of the Noah Animal Shelter Foundation.

Horror in the XXII district
We received a desperate call for help from the Budafok Dog Rescue CHIP Team, who found a dog on the street in a terrible condition.

Another animal cruelty case!
Dogs shot in several places have been taken into the care of the Noah's Animal Home! 💔😢😡 This beautiful little girl, barely 1.5 years old, had been lying injured for days between Tiszanána and Sarud.

Where there is Parvo, there is trouble!
We have 6 little bulltype babies, they are the Finest_family. Over the weekend they had diarrhea and somehow they didn't throw themselves at food like they usually do.

Twerk has to make it
This morning we received an extra SOS request for help from the Befogad-lak Animal Welfare Foundation in Törökszentmiklós for a beautiful 8-week-old baby who had an anal prolapse.

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