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The Ringier Publishing House is the main supporter of the annual ARC poster exhibition, that focuses on the civil sector and human responsibilities. This year civil organizations that act on a voluntarily basis without political support and influence have been addressed directly to participate by submitting posters. Their submissions were evaluated by a professional jury consisting of the leading artists of the publishing house. The best two posters will be on display from 2 September on.

To our great joy and surprise, our entry was ranked as the second best! This means that we won a media campaign in the value of 1,000,000 HUF.

Some tabloids reported about the event, printing our poster as well (it shows the gate of the animal shelter, with a crying baby and a puppy in a paper box placed in front, and it reads: “Would you?” The exhibition can be seen at the Felvonulási Square in Budapest, between 2-22 September.)

With the poster we would like to draw attention to irresponsible animal keeping practices.

Almost every day there is a paper box in front of the shelter's gate, with some abandoned puppies or kittens in it. This sad experience gave the idea for the poster.
Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse. Abandoned animals are waiting to be looked after on a daily basis. This morning 3 dogs (two adults and a pup) were tied to the bins in front of the shelter. It's just unacceptable.

People! Think! How can you do such a thing with a living being that trusts you? An animal that would probably sacrifice its life to defend you and your family?

We domesticated them and took them as pets. They are our hands and eyes when necessary. They protect our properties and our lives, and ease our loneliness. How can anyone just leave a once loved, and loving being to its fate?

Have you ever considered what kind of a model this behaviour gives to our children? They will do the same with you when they grow up. Don't be surprised if they put you into an elderly home instead of taking care of you in your old days – because it's much easier. Just as you threw away and abandoned your dogs who served you, because you were not interested in them any more.

You must know that the number of animals that can be housed in a shelter is limited. All free space is occupied. It is just impossible to house too many animals safely. There are no free kennels, dog houses, there is no food. Are you really so cynical and uninterested in the fate of your animals? Are you?

One of our volunteers wrote a little poem. I think it is appropriate to cite it here.

Would you?

There's a sad photograph that shocks and shakes the ground,
Tortures my heart, makes me feel so cruelly bound:
A little baby, in the morning dusk she's outside,
with a black pup in a paper box they must hide.
They are the Orphans, they are the Abandoned Ones,
Those no-one needs and for whom no-one's warm tear runs.
Hear, people! Every year, vulnerable beings,
innocent animals, our brethrens, small earthlings
are thrown away just as garbage in a vain haste,
there is no helping hand and their lives go to waste.
Hear their cries! Hear the pleas of those who had to lose,
Those who can't help themselves, they die and will accuse,
The baby and the pup in the box will persist,
Those nights when sleep won't come you'll hear them in the mist.
They are friends and siblings, and so they will protest
Against all evil and all human soullessness.
Lilla and Dirty Bomb*, they are now forever
on a poster that might touch your heart, if ever.

Poem by Szakállmama

* The baby on the photo was Lilla, the daughter of one of our volunteers, and the puppy was Dirty Bomb (Pokolgép), the family's much admired, adopted dog.


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