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The local government of district 17, Budapest asked for our help in the first days of June, 2010.
In 2009, a local woman was reported to have held a large number of animals on her property. According to the actual legal regulations, only two cats were allowed to be kept in one flat, but it was impossible to check whether the woman kept the regulation as she was unwilling to let the authorities in.

The flat on the uppermost floor of the four-level building had been abandoned for years, the owner only popped in two or three times a week to feed the cats living there. Other proprietors often felt the smell of cats. In May, when a broken water-pipe made it necessary to enter the flat, the tenants had to break the door as they were unable to reach the owner – and the circumstances they found inside made them freak out.

The incident was reported the to the local government immediately. The authorities ordered the confiscation of the ten cats living on the property, and the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Foundation was assigned to take care of them. The locals also asked for our help in catching the animals as they were completely unsocialized, wild and afraid of humans. The owner of the flat was not willing to give away her animals so we had to ask for the police's help. Unfortunately, the woman picked up one of the transport boxes and set one cat free in front of the house before we could stop her.

The confiscated animals were taken to the vet immediately, where they received anti-parasitic treatment and were microchipped. Their condition was documented. They are definitely undernourished, suffered substantial hair loss, and they are horrified of humans. The owner of the flat will be charged with cruelty against animals.

Unfortunately one of the cats died within a few days despite the medical care. The others are in a relatively good condition, their rehabilitation, however, will take several months.

You find the whole photo album A here.

The animals were living under such circumstances:

They are all very skinny, have skin problems and are unsocialized.


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