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Forbidden animal fight in the 17th district

On 1st March 2010 the 17th District Police Station’s Criminal Office turned to us, requesting help in accommodating 3 confiscated fighting dogs.
According to the information of the representative of the police, on 28th February 2010 a forbidden animal combat was organized on a rented plot in the 17th district. The authority’s men took measures on the spot about the pre-trial detention of a Hungarian and Romanian man.

During the measures of the police 2 dogs were seized that were identified as pit bull terrier males, both with severe injuries, and an around 6 weeks old pit bull terrier female. Both adult dogs got to our care in bad condition, thin and weakened. The police immediately arranged for the animals’ medical care, during which the dogs’ wounds were sewed up and disinfected. The Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Foundation undertook the dogs’ further treatment and rehabilitation.

The male dog, called Tyson is about 2-3 years old. The Romanian man was named his owner by the representatives of the police.

The other dog, whose name was unknown, was registered in the animal home by the name “Ramses”. He is also an about 2-3 years old male dog.

The owner of another ca. 6 weeks old female dog, registered as Cleopatra in the animal home, is also unknown.

During the dog combat the two adult dogs were fighting for their lives, which was interrupted by the police.

Until the closure of the criminal case the animals constitute material proof and are under the care of The Noah's Ark Animal Shelter Foundation. You can follow recent developments of the issue and the dogs’ future continuously on our web site.

The police’s press release about the case can be read here!

Video about the case!


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