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Metallica the cat arrived in our shelter on 25 January, 2010. She was named after a worn-out, old rocker, had ear mange, cataract on one eye, her fur was swarming with fleas, and in general had lots of injuries she must have suffered while having fights with other cats. The old, untreated, purulent wound on her neck is probably a result of one of these fights. Metallica is now receiving medical treatment, her wounds were cleaned and she is taking antibiotics. Despite her considerable size she is very kind and more and more open to people. We do hope that she will find a loving new owner after recovery, someone who will see her being the little, adorable kitty she is, instead of a battle-weary, old cat.

She is looking for her new owner vaccinated and neutralized. Metallica is a good example how important neutralization is; by neutralizing our cats we can stop feline overpopulation as well as avoid serious fights that males have for rutting females.

If you have a chance to contribute to the treatment of Metallica even with a small amount, please transfer it to the following account: 11710002-20083777 or please use on-line transfer that you can find details of on the main page of our website. While transferring, please note „Metallica” in the „comment” section.
You can support Metallica by virtual adoption as well.

Thank you.


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