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How can I help? What should I donate? (Update as of 06/15/2011)

 Augmentin tablets (375mg and 625mg)
 Milgamma capsules
 Meloxidyl solution (100 ml bottle – many of our older dogs need it)
 Nizoral shampoo and Tactic bathing solution for our dogs with skin diseases
 Probicol-H probiotic medication for our kittens suffering from diarrhea (available in pet pharmacies / vet’s office without prescription, approx. 1600 HUF per bottle)
 Enroxyl (15 mg and 150 mg)
 Flubenol KH anti-worm paste
 Dalacin (150 or 300mg), please do not donate the syrup!
 Vetoryl (60mg)
 Surolan ear drops
 CESTAL CAT anti-worm medication for cats

 Clean, large and absorbent cloths
 Paper towel
 Large garbage bags
 Plastic gloves in the following sizes: Large, Medium and Small
 Hand sanitizing and multi-surface disinfecting/cleaning products
 Clorox bleach and Domestos for cleaning
 Elastic bandages and cotton balls (any size and quantity)
 Elizabethan Restraint Collar for our animals recovering from surgery in the following sizes: 20, 25, 30, 35
 Heavy duty, durable pet nail clipper (our larger breed dogs need it badly)
 CoPoly self-adhesive elastic bandage in the following sizes: 10 cm or 15 cm
 Aluminum spray
 Ear cleaning solution (for older dogs)
 Scale (suitable for both small and large animals)
 Rabbit hutch (preferably large size)
 Large (3 liter and above) metal/stainless steel pet bowls

FOOD Dry food for both dogs and cats (any quantity and brand is welcome)
 Dry food for puppies and kittens
 Dove and pigeon food (seeds)
 Exotic bird food (seeds)
 Good quality dry food for our sick dogs (for example: RC, Eukanuba etc.)
 Any kind of dry/regular food from the brand INTESTINAL - for our dogs Meki, Jet and Fila as they have special dietary needs due to their illness. Besides this, they can only eat cooked rice which is not the best source of nutrition in the long run. Any quantity would be welcome, previously opened packages as well!
 Greti mix
 Frozen or dried fish for our turtles (they do not eat the granulated version)

OTHER  Bobcat
 Leashes and collars, as many as possible, in every size and length possible
 Metal level head rakes
 Metal leaf rakes
 Hoes, wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels (the longer the handle the better)
 Gas powered lawn mower (walk behind or self propelled)
 Unlocked mobile phone or Pannon (Telenor) mobile phone that’s operational. Our current device runs out of battery after 2 minutes even if it is fully charged. Used devices are welcome!
 Professional animal (dog) trimmer (human hair trimmer is NOT suitable)
 Cat litter (any kind, even the cheapest one). We can also use wood pellet – this is cheaper and easier to transport than litter.
 Hay (or cut grass)
 Wood scrapings for our foxes, rabbits and badgers. Unfortunately we cannot use sawdust or dirty wood scrapings!
 Camouflage net to shade our kennels
 Metal building materials and hardware (for example hardware net for building kennels, pillars etc.)
 Any kind of material that can be used in the building/repair of our dog houses (wooden board, plywood and any other type of lumber, shingles etc.)
 Large tents for our events (preferably from waterproof material)

Thank you for your help and generous donation!!!PLEASE NOTE  WE CANNOT USE rugs, mattresses, small cloths and children’s clothes
 We CAN ONLY USE CLEAN and ABSORBENT cloths (bed sheets, duvet covers, towels, cotton T-shirts) in our Emergency/Critical Care Departments – Please bring only supplies you would use in the care your own pet!
 Please DO NOT BRING DUVETS, as our dogs tear them apart in a second and cleaning up the mess takes for hours!
 We often receive dirty, used carpets/rugs, polyester/lace curtains, children’s clothing – THESE ITEMS CANNOT BE USED AND MUST BE DISPOSED OF AS WASTE WHILE INCURRING SUBSTANTIAL COSTS!
 WE CAN ONLY USE MEDICATIONS and DRIED FOOD within half a year/ one year of expiration, vitamin and other supplements within one year of expiration. Please DO NOT DONATE anything older than that because we cannot use them. Also, the transportation and disposal of these items cost a substantial amount of money and time.
Thank you for your understanding!


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