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The dog of the week: Binga

Day 1

Binga is back! 😔
People often don't realise the pain and sadness that an irresponsible decision can cause to puppies!
Binga trusts people despite the huge disappointments in this charming, homeless dog's past.
That's why we want to find Binga her dream owner quickly, so she won't be sad for long in the kennel! 😊

Binga ❤ is a 4 years old, Malinois, playful, active girl who needs a lot of exercise.
Binga needs a sporty and dog-loving owner who has a lot of time, because she loves to go for walks and hikes. 🐕🌳

Day 2

Binga is a medium sized, short-haired working dog, a perfect Belgian Shepherd mix.
Binga is simply cute! 🥰
Smaller in stature than his Belgian Shepherd counterparts, but with a huge brain and heart. ❤

If he accepts you as a friend, he won't leave you alone!
Binga is sensitive, she wants to be loved and cared for.
Only her personality is greater than her need for exercise. 😁

Day 3

Binga is definitely recommended to go to the dog school, because she needs to be handled persistently!
Lots of dog toys, dog companions and exercises are designed for her. 🐕 😊
Shee is sick of kennels, she wants freedom, care and family. ❤
Binga learns fast, sits, stands, lies down, very smart dog!
She is a good car rider and she is beautiful! 🤩
She is affectionate, sociable and even controlling and caring. 🥰

Day 4

Binga loves to go for walks and can't wait for Saturday, when she and her dog companions will be out of the kennel for half an hour.
On group walks, Binga assesses the situation of the group and always takes the lead. She is a leader. 🥰
If someone gets left behind, she'll be right there and won't let them wander off on their own.

Binga gets on well with her dog companions, and her kennel mate Maces is a real sweetheart, always giving him kisses. 😘
On walks, if they meet and don't walk together, Binga has to be persuaded at length that Maces won't go with her. Binga is very affectionate.
Binga is super fun to play with, she loves to play ball and paddles, she's a bit protective of her food, but who isn't?! 😁

Day 5

Binga is sweet, fun, and learns easily, loves to learn, a favourite of many volunteers and walkers, it's hard to understand why no one has fallen in love with her enough to make her their forever companion!
But she would be a companion, and not just any companion! 😊🥰
Come to the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation, fall in love with her, take herm home and make not only her life, but yours a lot better❣

Binga is neutered, vaccinated, chipped and waiting for her loving family.

To inquire about her, please contact or 06302211299 between Mon-Sat 10-15pm!


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