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The dog of the day: Scotti

Day 1

One of our volunteers wrote about Scotti that " he is such a good dog, a genius, he just can't sell himself! "
But Scotti is a treasure, a love bomb who loves to cuddle up to people. 🥰 ❤

Scotti is a 6 year old, medium sized, beautiful black mixed breed male dog with a white sock on one leg, who has been living in the shelter almost since he was a baby.
Scotti has been locked up in a kennel, even though he wants a job and someone to live with, but he has been going in the same circles for years. 😔

Day 2

Although Scotti is not the youngest, his speed and vitality are unbelievably high for a young dog.
Scotti is playful, loves the ball and there's probably no fun he wouldn't love to have with his family! 😆
Scotti has already tried some dog playground activities and would love to go to school with her future owner, where he is guaranteed to end up in the top class! 😉

Day 3

For Scotti, the Saturday walks are the relaxation.
After the first few metres, he is happy to take a bath in the fresh grass and always has a big smile on his face as he sets off for his weekly walk. 😊
He can sit, he can wait and go slowly, he doesn't even pull on the leash anymore. 😉
It would be nice if Scotti would go for a walk every day, because that smile is something to see! 🥰

Day 4

Scotti loves his tummy, a few bites always get his attention, he is well motivated, easy to learn. 😁
Scotti would be a really ideal dog for a consistent owner who could manage his fear of dogs and help him through problems with patience and practice ❤
As he is selective among his breeds, he is primarily recommended as an only dog. Although with patient training, it is not impossible to accept a dog companion.
He is rather curious about other pets, 🐷🐐 but would be happy to chase smaller ones. 🐈🐓

Day 5

Scotti, the middle-aged black love-bomb, is waiting to meet his owner in the back kennel of the old MiniShelter section of the Noah's Animal Shelter Foundation! 🥰
We believe there will be someone to show Scottie the world❣ 😉 😉

Scotti is spayed, vaccinated, chipped and waiting for his loving family.

You can inquire about him at or at 06302211299 between Mon-Sat 10-15pm!


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