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We visited the pound in Zalaszentgrót!

The pound in Zalaszentgrót is partly operating with municipal support, but it wouldn’t be enough without the enthusiastic and helpful animal lover volunteers who take care of the poor animals, feed them, take them to the vet and love them day after day.

There were 17 dogs in the site when we went there who have been found in the streets or given up by its former owners.

Every dog has two vaccination and a chip, and nearly all of them were neutered. All of them are very nice and friendly.
The adoption is difficult because this township is very small and they can’t handle keeping more dogs.

The site is clean, tidy and well-organized. The dogs are placed alone or together with only one or two partners.

There are active, beautiful young dogs:

And there are some tired old and sick dogs who live their last years at the pound.

We had a little time to spend with these amazing dogs but we made time to take them for a walk.

More pictures HERE!!!

If you would like to adopt one of the dogs seen, or know more about them, or would like to support them, you can look for them on Facebook: @gazdikereso.szimat - Szimat Állatvédő Egyesület, Zalaszentgrót

Zalavölgye Takarékszövetkezet - Szimat Állatvédő Egyesület
Bank account number: 75500320-11035178

Thank you!


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