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We can't stop!

JOINT STATEMENT, from the animal rescue organizations that attended to the demonstration on 20th February, 2016.
We can’t stop!
At the beginning of this year 120 animal rescue organizations and a lot of devoted people expressed in front of the Parliament that we had enough! This can’t go on like this!
On the 16th of May, 2016 the Hangya community’s donation delivery trip they have experienced horrible conditions in the Mandulás hegyi dog shelter in Sárospatak. The organizations joined hands together to help the dogs at the shelter.
Since 16 May the founder of the Zemplén help Foundation Gábor Törő has spoken up on internet forums, in the Radio, in the TV and in newspaper trying to explain the unexplainable about the shelter’s situation.
He accused the people and the organizations who went down there and helped them with financial and material donations or helped them with physically working in the shelter of lying, slanting the truth.
In the name of all the Organizations and the devoted people we are saying:
That’s enough!
We demand responsible animal rescue work from the Mandulás hegyi dog shelter and from the Zemplén Help Foundation!
At the shelter there are more then 400 dogs suffering, in a crowded area where they often bite each other and not to mention the inbreeding problem. A lot of them are pregnant, have mange, injured, lethargic and just tired.
There is no up-to-date registry on the dogs and it looks like they are not rehoming the dogs.
They are not vaccinated. The helping organizations chipped and vaccinated against rabies 100 dogs. The shelter doesn’t even know about the combined vaccination…
Due to the help 127 dog were taken out of the shelter and treated by the vet.
We the organizations and the devoted people distance ourselves from the Mandulás hegyi dog shelter and from the Zemplén Help Foundation and we call upon them to take care of the animals trustworthily and as a civil organization it is their duty to show responsible animal keeping. If they can’t do it or don’t understand the concept then they should just quit the work for the sake of the animals!

Please, send this letter to the city’s management and other supervisory office!
Also write to them your questions and voice you opinions!
Read and sign this petition and send it as attachment to your email that goes to the mayor.:

On a closing note at the Mandulás hegyi dog shelter in Sárospatak since 18th May, 2016 74 puppies were born. How could a legal foundation with significant Austrian and German supporters allow this to happen. What is the motto of the shelter? “Spawn freely?”

You can see the pictures on Facebook made by the Hangya community:

A video:


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