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What should we pay attention to with our animals in this heat!

The extreme weather, intense heat is very dangerous not only for people, but animals too, they are also at risk. Like us, our pets can get heat stroke, may dry up and can eventually die if we are not careful!
What to look for?
Heatstroke may be signs if the animal gasping for air, his eyes are strange, does not obey the usual command words, warm and dry skin, high fever, rapid heartbeat, or vomiting. If we see these symptoms on our animals, we have to put some cold wet towels onto hairless body parts of the animal and immediately call the vet because heat stroke cannot be handled home! A heat stroke is often fatal and it is much easier to prevent it than to treat it. It is very important that we shouldn’t take them for a walk in the high heat, and certainly should not train them, because animals who have big fur, can get heat stroke easier.
We also note that the „short muzzled „dogs, for example pugs, bulldogs are much more sensitive to the heat as long -nosed counterparts. If we want to go exercise with our dog in these hot days , you should definitely take with fresh cold water, which is not only good for drinking, but can also be used to cool off the animal if necessary.
It is important that the hot asphalt can cause paw burns, so try to avoid the heat of the heated roads, sidewalks - rather choose the greener grass - tree - shaded paths. We have to tell that the overweight animals are at higher risk because fat is a great insulation.
Never leave animals in the car, because if it is 25 degrees outside, the inside may rise up to 50 degrees, the temperature in minutes - even with the window open a crack as well.
Do not put out much food in the dish bowl: it can rot easily. If the animal eats the rotten food, diarrhea, vomiting symptoms during the heat wave can lead to dehydration, and even to death. Feed the dog more times and less food you, which they consume immediately; or dry food, and lots of water in a separate bowl.
If our animals are kept in the garden we have to have fresh drinking water, which should be replaced several times during the day. Make sure that they have shade but not closed place where ensconce from the sun. Maybe when we go to work in the morning, the whole garden is in shade, but sometimes the day progresses, there is not a foothold of shadow. Rushes or sunshade could provide adequate colder place for four-legged friends.
The animals kept in the apartment with air conditioning, fans should be treated with caution, since our dog, our cat, and even feathered pets or rodents can get eye inflammation because draft. The window that is always open can be dangerous because the animals left unattended easily fall out, jump out. Those who have a long-haired pet, consult your veterinarian, and if there is no medical contraindication, feel free to trim off the big fur and make it shorter. White -haired and albino animals with pink nose and ears must see to it that those parts do not get burned, protect them from direct sunlight. It's fun, but practical to wear sunglasses made for the dogs, which may also be helpful if you are taking a longer trip in the car with the windows down.
Animals with heart conditions should receive higher doses of diuretic medication than normal and they should get more water as well!
Of course, summer is dangerous and heat is not the only thing you must pay more attention to. In the summer allergy season, our pets can be allergic to certain herbs grown here and pollens. The glume and burr can cause problems for long-haired animals if it gets into the ears giving them infection or between the toes it can go into the skin also causing infection. The external parasites can attack with great force at this time , therefore , appropriate external and internal protection for pets are highly recommended..
NOAH animal shelter have a great self-service dog wash to make easier these hot days for our guests.
Come and visit us and try it out!

Or just go one of their shops and wash your dog!


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