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Spring vaccination in Törökszentmiklós

The Befogad-Lak shelter in Törökszentmiklós was in on our NOAH’S ANIMAL HOME HELPING SHELTERS PROJECT last year. We were surprised that even though they have a very tight budget they are very organized and the shelter is very clean.

It has not changed since then. It is always a pleasure to visit them. You can feel the love towards the animals from all the people who work there.

This year we continued the work that we started last year. The dogs received their chip, vaccination and the pills against worms. Of course it was supervised by the shelter’s vet and with his assistant and we like to thank them for their help. This was financed by Noah’s animal home foundation.

We were sad to see a lot of familiar faces but there are new ones around as well. The kennels are clean although the shelter has no running water. The dogs are friendly and well mannered and you can tell that they are well cared for, are loved and the regular walks on the weekends make a lot of difference. Every square inch is being used and we recommend the people who live around here to come and adopt a new family member from here.

Naturally we had to take someone with us so picked Tipegő the 3 legged dog.

Their next big vaccination is in autumn and it is certain that we will come again then and help them out. We will continue to monitor their work and their difficulties and we will help them in any way we can.

As always this project never could have been a success without YOUR help! So we are asking you to please support the Noah’s animal home SHELTER HELPING PROJECT, which has a separate bank account to guarantee that the donations go directly to this project.

MagNet Bank 16200175-11537814
From abroad:
IBAN: HU25 1620 0175 1153 7814 0000 0000
MagNet Magyar Közösségi Bank
Swift kód: HBWEHUHB
1062 Bp., Andrássy út 68.

Thank you very much!


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