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Firefighter is looking for home


My name is Firefighter aka ''The Devil with a weird shape''. They found me in the middle of November in a paper box. I was about one week old. I couldn’t even look around because my eyes were closed. I was crying loud for my Mum. I wanted someone to take back to her so I can feel her heartbeat again. I don’t know if I had any siblings, I was alone in the cold.

Finally someone heard me crying and took me with her soft warm hand. Unfortunately I didn’t get my Mum back, but I felt safe and I got something to eat. The taste of the food was bit strange, not like what I used to with my Mum, but at least I wasn't hungry anymore.

Since that day I have been living with them. It is nice and warm and they love me very much, but I think it is not my final home. I want my own place where I can be the number one. You know, I want the real thing.

I would like to talk about myself a little bit. If someone would like to spend the rest of his/her life with me needs to know the truth about me. First of all I must be honest: it won't be easy with me. As I heard people think I am really naughty. Like really… Well I don’t understand why?
The only things I did were to steal some slippers and use other fellow dogs' bed as a toilet. Well if I had to go I had to go…

They also say that my body has a weird shape or basically no shape at all. Amorphous… Must be some Latin word… Don’t know what exactly means, but I think I am really good looking dude. My head is like a bullterrier. My ears are going forward, but they say it will stand straight later. I am trying to keep them straight but the only time I was successful when I was running and the wind blew them. They said I was really cute. They always laugh about my body, but I think it is rather unique than funny. It is long and round like a water heater. From the other hand my legs are short and chubby, just like a dinosaur's leg. Ergo I will be long but short. My belly has a shape of tennis ball. They actually always count the tennis balls because they are suspecting that I am stilling and eating them. I told them that a healthy good looking puppy-dude must have a body like mine, they still laughing about me.

So overall I think I am handsome, other might say that I am so ugly that it is already pretty… Well we all agree there is no other dog like me. If someone chooses me he/she will have a unique dog like no one else has. I am one and only.

My name is Firefighter but I am afraid I couldn’t put a fire out. But I can call 911. So I am looking for an owner who is ready to give me a permanent loving home. Who wants a special unique dog, who is not afraid of challenges and has time and patience to take me to the dog's school. Who maybe has another dog/dogs or even cats so I will have buddies. Or will take me for long walks so I can meet and play with others. He/she has to finish my vaccination program (I got already a few), and needs to neuter me later. I know my responsibilities and I don’t want to be a daddy of other puppies whom will land up on the street in a box just like I did.

If you think you are the one please call Piroska 00 36 30 221 1299 or email to Code: ''Must be Love''/ ''Kalandorok kimeljenek''


Firefighter aka ''The Devil with a weird shape''


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