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The Common Pot has been filled for the new kennel fences at NOE

Bezselics Ildiko, author of cookbooks and the gastroblogger of “Ket cica konyhaja/Kitchen of 2 kittens” and Eszter Horvath together with her team of Sugar Shop were determined to fill the Common Pot of Szimpla Kert with the aim to improve the living conditions of the dogs at NOE. The two cat lovers bought fences from the collected amount and made the accommodation for our dogs safer.

In the pot traditional chili con carne was prepared, for the sake of vegetarians chili light that is fried white bean with chili in pumpkin sauce was also available. Eszter Horvath and her team (SUGAR) sweetened it with milk rice.

From the money they received for the lunch Ildi and Eszter, the two cat lovers supported the dogs of NOE Animal Shelter. They bought fences and with their volunteer team they strengthened the relatively large barred fences separating the dogs. The new thick fence has made the dog kennels safer. The thicker fence prevents the more hot-tempered dogs from reaching and injuring each other while demanding territories.

It was a really big help for us, we badly needed this improvement.

More pictures about the Common Pot and about the implementation of the new fence can be found HERE!


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