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Debi needs us!

Debi is an 18 years old, huge (178 cm tall to the top of her withers!) half-blood Mezőhegyes mare. She’s got recently purulent endometritis, that was successfully treated, but during the examinations it was also found that she has hernia. The previous owner held her under terrible conditions that cost her half of her eyesight. All in all we are talking about a heavily ill-treated horse and by that a perfectly fitting one to NOE’s tiny herd.

Debi’s greatest problem now is the hernia on her abdomen. When having hernia a horse should not be strained at all. Sometimes you can live with it without a problem and operation is only due after many happy years, it is all a matter of chance. But a tiny misfortunate twitch may be enough to get her into a critical state.

Debi’s owners can't afford the operation, even the regular costs are financially challenging. As she cannot be ridden any more, the owners started looking for a permanent solution. They were looking for a safe home for her later years; that is how we have entered in the game.

Though Debi wouldn't require the operation immediately, it would be way too risky in her state to integrate her into the herd. There is a strict ranking amongst the horses in the herd. When a new horse arrives he would get at least a speedy chase and if he does not want to land on the lowest rank small fights must be fought. A kick out of prestige fight would be highly dangerous if it hits her near her hernia.

We have decided that we have her operated before she arrives to us. Such a huge intervention would not come out cheap, only the Üllő Large Animal Clinic can get it done. According to our estimates the operation would cost around HUF 150 000, putting a suffocating burden on the budget of our shelter. We therefore ask every animal lover and horse-crazy to contribute as much as they can afford.

Account number:
IBAN: HU62 1171 0002 2008 3777 0000 0000
OTP Bank / Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.

Please, write "Debbi" in the comment row.


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