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Dia, something wrong again

Our everyday readers could often meet the name of Dia on this page. Not only because she is one of our oldest inhabitant as she is since 2004 with us, but we also had to report about her desease many times. And now I had to pick up my pen again, because somethings wrong again. In the meantiem Dia is fine, cheerful and kind as always. The dark side of the situation remains for us.

Some words about Dia, about her desease for those who just joined the story: Dia is an 8-10 years old Spitz mix dog girl. She got to us as a found dog but despite our hopes, no one was looking for her and also the adopters were avoiding her what is strange as she is friendly, reliable, silent and adapts easily to men and dogs as well.

Although she had to live almost her whole life by us, she is lucky as she has two „spare owners”, Évi and Niki who are visiting her every week, they are walking together and giving her treats as well.

Dia is unfortunately not only in adoption unlucky, but she has seriuous health problems as well. She is fighting against the dreaded disease: CANCER!

For a few years we discovered a very agressive tumor on her front leg what was removed by our doctors. The operation was successful, Dia was a sample patient and was totally recovered. But the beast didn’t disappear from her body.

After about a year it came out again and attacked her right on the place of the old one. The histological examination showed that the tumor is malignant and although it has rarely a metastasis but the recrudescence is very frequent.

Dia's behavior was heroic throught the operation, recovered very fast and stayed the same as before: a cheerful, nice and friendly girl.

This March came the next round. We found a new tumor and we were almost sure what it means. Our doctors didn’t accept the intervention without involving the oncologists. The oncologist suggested operation and chemotherapy. The third operation took place in April and Dia recovered fast and without any problems again.

The oncologist suggested chemotherapy as aftercare and we were afraid as we knew how unpleasent it could be. We were afraid, as Dia is not young anymore and she experienced a lot already.

But Dia went through the treatment easily and without any problems. And it seemed that everything is OK.
But unfortunately not. The tumor came back to her leg, and this time it doesn’t grow agressively, but it is definetely there. The CANCER is back. And yes, another operation is needed. And the aftercare again, what seems to be a radiation therapy.

Her operation will be next week. The next steps can be told only after the operation and the recovery time.

You may ask why? Why are we struggleing and teasing her with all these operations and why do we spend that huge amount on her recovery?

The answer is simple: because we love her and we are responsible for her as she didn’t loose her vim, she is fine, she is playing and making fun as earlier.
And as long there is a hope, we will do that.

We are still asking for some help for Dia as the aftercare, the rehabilitation and the costs of chemotherapy or the radiation therapy are high, is expected to be higher than 200 000 HUF.


We ask you to support the treatment of Dia even with a small amount. Our bank account number: OTP Bank: 11710002-20083777
Please write to comment: For the therapy of Dia

You can also support Dia with a virtual adoptation: PROFILE OF DIA

A foster parent would be even more important than money, a place where she could recover in a clean, dustless environment. Where she could spend the hard times of the chemotherapy in safety and under control. We all know that medical feats are not enough for the recovery, the mental balance is also needed.
Dia is not problematic, obedient, can walk on a leash, likes dogs and people as well. Only cats are not in safety in her neighbourhood.

In case you could help us with temporary reception, please contact us on the number 06-30/221-12-99 or write us an e-mail on
Thank you!


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