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Noé Állatotthon Alapítvány - Csacska Csege
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Name: Csacska Csege
Sex: Bitch
Born: 2015.04.01.
Arrived: 2016.04.23.

If you have questions about Csacska Csege, please send an e-mail to !

First came to the shelter on 10th June, 2015.
The Csacska family, that is the mother and her 7 babies came to us from the Zöld Menedék shelter.
This is the result of an irresponsible owner's actions. The babies were born in April 2015 and came to us in the summer.

The babies were all adopted fast but for Csenge her first Christmas didn't bring here happines and present but she landed back in the shelter

Her sins were that she grew up to be big and that she didn't know how to behave and she didn't know the command words and what to do with them. How could she when she was never taught.

Even though her ad said the following: "We are looking for a committed owner who is aware of what it takes to bring up a puppy. Willing to overlook the accidents and the damages that can occur with a puppy and will love her when she grows up and of course when she will get old.
Dog school is highly recommended in her case"

The family didn't believe us. The tried to take care of her in their own way. She got all of her vaccination and was neutered as it was in the contract.
Csege can't walk on the leash and doesn't know any commands.
This change in her life left her a bit scared and agitated and we are hoping it will not damage her soul.

We are looking for an owner who is not afraid to tackle the challenges that come with teaching a dog obedience or going to dog school with her. We are also looking for an energetic owner who will go on long walks and excursions with her.

She is vaccinated, chipped and neutered.

Baby pictures :)

More pictures HERE!!!!




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