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Noé Állatotthon Alapítvány - Frigyes
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Name: Frigyes
Sex: Dog
Born: 2005.07.20.
Arrived: 2011.07.22.

If you have questions about Frigyes, please send an e-mail to !

Frigyes is a 5-6 year-old, pictured, medium German Shepherd-type male dog. He was ran over by a car in July 2011, next to Dragon (Sárkány) Centre. One of his front legs had to be operated immediately and an implant was built in his leg. His other front leg was also hurt and needed treatment, but fortunately it was only a wound on its surface.
Unfortunately, he had to be operated again because a week after the first operation one of the screws was torn out from his leg, it caused terrible pain and his leg started to curve in an extraordinary way.
During the second operation it was fixed again but a week later everything repeated, but now four screws torn out from the bone in spite of the fact that Frigyes is a perfect patient: he does not jump, run or is not aggressive with other dogs and during walking – since he is absolutely house-trained – he walks calmly and slowly, being tolerant to his leg. During the second operation, the bone broken in small pieces could have been fixed only with an outside fixing which he has to use for at least 2 or 3 more months.
Outside fixing means more than one wire drilled through the bone fixed on both sides of the leg.
First, Frigyes was not a simple character: he was fighting during the treatment and tried to bite but then it turned out that the funnel was so stressful for him. Taking it off solved the problem.
Unfortunately, he has to wear the funnel again due to the outside fixing in order to avoid more problems with the wound but finally, he got used to it and stopped fighting.
He is not an “everybody-is-my-friend” type, he chooses some of us to be friendly with but he is neutral with strangers or indicates with a grumble: “no friend acceptance”. All in all, his trust has to be deserved.
We would like to find a foster family for him during recovering, preferably in Budapest so going to control examinations will not mean a problem. It would also be preferable to find a house without stairs or with a lift, since using stairs means a problem for him.
Please, if you can be a foster family for Frigyes during his recovery, contact us by e-mail: info@noeallatotthon.hu email or on the phone at Kinga Schneider +3670-383-9480.
After recovery he will be given for adoption with vaccinations, a chip and neutered.

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