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Cat of the Week - Maxi
My host mum said that I have to introduce myself and give some news about me. Well, my name is Maxi, I’m a young spayed boy. You can’t see it now but I’ll surely be a big cat.

Cat of the Week - Nera
Hi! I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Nera, the beautiful girl from the three black kitties who were given to the shelter.

Cat of the Week – Alíz
Good afternoon! My name is Alíz. My host mum told me that I got an opportunity to introduce myself and I can be the cat of the week! What an honour!

Cat of the Week – Pehely (Flake)
I lived my life with my friend Cinci and my five babies when a nice family helped us. We didn’t suspect anything, couldn’t even think why the rescue was on.

Cat of the Week – Rafia II.
Rafia is a charming young tom cat with a real impish personality. He’s quite a character full of energy and it’s impossible not to like him.

Kitten of the week - Luca
Hi, My name is Luca. My current hosts wanted to give me a name something about a bat, but when they recognized that I'm female, they abandoned this idea, to give Batman to me for a name.

The cat of the week – Mona
Hi All, Let me introduce myself; I’m Mona. Just Mona, not Mona Lisa however her other name would suit me because I’m so happy as well.

Keisha, Kitty of the Week
Hi! I’m Keisha! The most important thing, what you need to know about me, is that I’m black! Why have I started with this?

Cat of the week - Melon
Dear fur parent! My name is Melon. I have received my name after the fruit, because my head looks like a melon. Doctors said I have water on the brain, thus people wanted to extinguish my life, however it turned out since then that my state is not that bad, on the contrary!

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