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Adopted cats from Noe, who rule the world!
Our dearest readers,

today I would like to write about cats - who have been adopted from Noe shelter - and now happily live abroad. Our suspicion is that these paws have not left Hungary by themselves and this decision was made by their owners, but well, why should we ruin our cats' self-confidence? I reckon these cats just decided to fill their suitcases with loads of treats and discover the world with the thought: 'of course my master loves and follows me'. Whatever, our adopted cats are so lucky to have masters who love them so much and follow them to the end of the world, and these great masters always send us news about their loved furries.

Our first - and of course yours - check-in is from Norway, Frici and Dudi are sending their best wishes. Here I would like to recommend the first sentence as both of the cats enjoy sunbathing... oh yeah, lucky cats enjoying sunshine in Oslo... so they probably sent the cloudy sky and rain to Hungary? :D

"Hello all, thank you we are really fine, Frici and Dudi are very happy to enjoy spring and sunshine. Frici loves chilling in the garden while Dudi is moving around the flat for some sunshine to catch. Frici is just like a dog when it comes to walk on a lead, according to my husband, but my opinion that his behaviour is much better than any dog. :) Last time even our neighbour wondered that their cats don't accept harness but Frici loves so much being outside so he could do anything for a little walk in the garden. As soon as he sees the lead in our hands he starts purring and can't wait to put the harness on, sometimes he is so happy that he even forget to stop purring. He is really cute, we love him! Next time we try to find a flat at least with safe balcony for Frici, as this is necessary to give him a safe place with fresh air since we are in Oslo.
Unfortunately his health should serve better, kidneys are not perfect as I found too much protein in his urine test, we are visiting the vet tomorrow. Hopefully nothing serious. Otherwise he looks beautiful, has soft fur, full with energy so I don't think this is any serious problem. He still has compound behaviour with some cumbersome habits like constant meowing, probably he wants to go for a walk outside. Luckily it gets better at nights. at the moment he is house-trained... And he changed in a positive way as well, he needs closer connection with us. When I am sitting at the desk he comes sitting on my lap and purring. This a a surprising and touching new behaviour from Frici, who used to be wild and proud. I think he is really grateful for us taking him for a walk outside.

Poor little Dudus, I can't really write anything about him as he is so good! He has no bad habit at all, living with us so perfectly so I think he is the best kitty on the whole world. He understands people, I think he is just a half-cat and half-human. Never had any accidents with potty training, never woke us up at night, before he comes for a little stroking he double-checks if we are available not to disturb us in anything. He is incredible! And with all of this he seems to be very happy, he doesn't need more than a loving family and home, feel himself safe. He is not a cat to rule the world, no matter if it is South or West just be safe, he doesn't even want to leave the flat. Every night he sleeps with us in the bed. He looks very good and has healthy, soft and thick fur and in good weight.

With our best regards,

Málna's (Raspberry) story is a little bit more adventurous, in the matter of her travels. First travelling to the USA, then back, and finally headed to Switzerland.

"Dear Noe Cat Rescue Team,

I think I haven't been giving you news about Málna cat for a year, so the time is here to make it up now. As I wrote you last time, Málna moved to the USA with us. She really got used to it, was patient during travelling. She was the star of the apartment as nobody really saw cat on a lead before. She used to be an outdoor cat in Hungary, but in the USA it was not safe because of the large numbers of wild animals such as jackals, racoons, bears, pumas etc.
In January, destiny called us back to Europe. First we went home to spend 3 months there, and this time Málna did not really enjoyed travelling back. Despite all everything went alright and we are thankful to our empathic and pet-friendly cabin crew who arranged everything for our and Málna's convenience. We encourage everybody to take all furry loved ones and discover adventures together! :)

In Hungary, Málna was enjoying my mum hospitality in her "old" home. They had good times together, Málna had everything what she had wished for. We decided to leave her with my mum for this time as we didn't want her to move to a new place again. This week we arrived to Switzerland. Luckily the journey was much shorter and Málna was an experienced traveller. We had no problem with using litter in her new home, and the very first place she occupied was our best place to be, the settee. :) She already started to get use to her new indoor life and we try to stop outdoor walks soon. Málna is 6 years old now, she is a part of our family and wherever we will go it is unimaginable to move anywhere without her!

Málna is sending purr-purrs to all Noe volunteers!

Wishing you all the success in your work,

We have news from Nemo cat, who lives in Switzerland as well. In his case, let the pictures tell you how beautiful, happy and lively is Nemo.

yes, he has moved with us to Switzerland. Thank you for the wishes, he enjoys life, he is a playful and lively cat. In my previous mail I had sent you more pictures from the beginning of our life together, from his matted fur at the start until this time to his beautiful and healthy condition. Since we haven't sent you new pictures recently I would like to send some fresh pictures of Nemo now.

And last, two cats who want to capture Sweden, some stories from Szilvi, who is now volunteering abroad.

"I adopted Mamus and Becky in the summer of 2010. Last year my private life called me to start a new life in Sweden, was no question for me that my cats will move with me as well. After long planning and preparation period I chose to move the cats by air, as this was the quickest and most practical solution for them. Otherwise the journey would be too long for them. I had too much of excitement as due to technical reasons the plane departed 3 hours late from Budapest and we missed our connection to Riga.

Luckily, there was a plane few hours later to Stockholm. Due to cabin restrictions, I was unable to bring the cats with me aboard, so they were travelling together in a nice and spacious cage in the hold of the aircraft. The journey started for them 1 PM in Budapest, after 12 hours of excitement I could meet them again at half past eleven in the evening in Stockholm. After passport and microchip checks on the red aisle we finally were ready to start our new life in Stockholm. :)

On the first days they were still stressed of the long journey and foreign environment, but it ended after a couple of days discovering the new flat, they even had wodden playground what we had made with my boyfriend. We visited a Swedish vet and had them insured by an isurance company. They spend most of their time in the flat with playing, sleeping or purring in our lap. Sometimes we take Mamus for a walk to the forest or beach on a lead. Becky rather enjoys being indoor, likes sitting in the windows and watching birds outside. Mamus has learned a new trick from my boyfriend, if we throw a plush rat on to the highest part of the cat playground Mamus quickly runs and meows to bring it down to us, asking to play it again. Of course this play only lasts until Mamus wants to last, and she is not bringing down the plush rat only if she asks us to play with her. Yes, she is a real cat. :) These two cats are very different personalities yet very good friends even when they are chasing each other or playing fight game and we are happy to have them in our lives and they always help us through the difficulties with their purr and love.




You can clearly see, sometimes moving abroad is not an easy thing but our four-legged furry friends are happy and grateful to us not to leave them alone! If abroad is calling you too in the future, move your cat with you! And of course never forget about preparations. Don't forget to check every single regulation and necessary paperwork of the destination country and how you can move your cat there to avoid disappointment.

If you read this and have cat adopted from Noe living or had moved abroad, don't hesitate to write us your stories to join our Noe cat team who rule the world! :)

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