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Cats of the Week - Penny és Delilah
Hi, I’m Penny and I’m here to introduce myself. I don’t remember much of my past, only that I and my babies in my tummy were dropped into a garden. I didn’t know where I was, where to go, I was scared of everything, especially of people, who hurt me a lot. I don’t really understand how I got to that Noe place before and then here.

At Noe it turned out quickly that I’m not that easily making friend type. They were very nice to me but I was scared and then I had to move. It came out well because I found myself in a house with many cats of different colours and there were also some other barking things that were sniffing me flemishing when I arrived.

I’m not afraid of them, I only have problems with the two-legged creatures. I got them too and I didn’t like it too much. I decided to move under the bed, I only came out to eat, drink and to cut out. I even had a hiding partner!

Delilah’s past is similar to mine but her babies were born, and she wasn’t dropped into a garden but to the cold street, ouch, it may be worse.

We stayed under the bed for a while. I saw the two-legged petting the other cats and they were cuddling with her while they were making a buzzing noise. It was quite strange. As time went by, we were shuttling in the house more and more, we didn’t hide from the two-legged creature – our foster mum – anymore but we didn’t need her to make us make that buzzing noise, we both thought that it’s left out of us originally. As a stranger entered the house we ran back under the bed.

Our foster mum kept explaining to us that it’s not good always to hide under the bed because those who would like to be our owners can’t see our beautiful faces and can’t hear our kind thin voices and she’s thinking about advertising us together with the bed. Neither of us would mind it actually. But as I saw the buzzing cats who loved being petted, I started to long for it more and more. I didn’t dare to tell anybody about it, I was just wistfully watching them doing it. Finally Delilah surrendered and started to cuddle up to foster mum purring.

Then one day when I really wanted to try if I can also make that purring noise, foster mum understood what I wanted: she came to me and petted my head. Then a voice came out of me, from deep inside and didn’t want to stop, it was just buzzing and I kept wriggling to her, I didn’t want to believe that it’s me. Well, you should have seen my foster mum’s stunned face too when she realized that it was me cuddling to her. She checked twice if it was really me and not one-eyed Felicia. Since we broke in, or out of the bed, we dance much attendance on our foster mum, and I don’t even hide under the bed from strangers. Delilah still doesn’t trust people, although I keep explaining to her that our foster mum wouldn’t let anyone in the house who could hurt her. I still hope that Delilah’s fear will slip away as soon as she realizes that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

So we’re waiting for very patient to be owners’ applications who will make us come out of under the bed. Why should you choose us? It’s really easy: our hair won’t be always on your clothes as we don’t keep jumping into your lap, we don’t chase you with our love, we let you do your things, but when you have time for us we are happy to be petted. We both like our tummies so you will already see us without a bed when you give us our first delicious tin food. We get on well with cats, cat-friend dogs and we promise not to jump on people who visit you, so you can have guests too.

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