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Cat of the Weekl - Csongor
Good afternoon everybody! I was taken away from watching the TV to come here and introduce myself. According to my foster mum this the only way to get a normal (and of course a final) dream owner.

Well, she must know it better than me, because she’s found owners for many kitties while I have never done it yet. However, there was a really nice programme on TV! I was watching rhinos on NatGeo… Do you know how big animals they are? And how fast they can run? Wow! (I’m much smaller so I’m much better to be kept in a flat.)

My name is Csongor, I’m about nine months old, but you don’t know it for daily sure for rescued cats. I think it’s really unfair that our lives weren’t only hard at the beginning, but we don’t even have a real birthday. But my foster mum told me not to worry because my dream owner will find a day to be my birthday, so I’ll also have one! Well, it’s much better then! (Dream Owner, please write on the list that you should find a birthday date for me). And I have a name-day on 16 April!

My life was terrible at the beginning as somebody put me and my sister on the street. My sister luckily has got a wonderful final owner now. Do you know what she’s called? Of course she’s called Tünde! No, not the owner, my sister! I don’t know why people think that if they put little kittens on the street in winter, they’ll survive, because it’s not true. There’re many threats for us, cars, illnesses, bad people, these people should try these out while weighing only half a kilo. Maybe people should watch more documentaries too…

Do you see in what terrible condition I was? Luckily it’s the past and I’ve already forgotten about it :)

Happily we ended up well, our foster mum found and did everything for us to survive. We had rinotracheite, I was sicker than my sister, I had to stay in hospital. First I had fever and didn’t even want to eat but I didn’t give up, so I’m healthy now and I’m the most beautiful nine-month-old tom cat in the world. Or rather an ex- tom cat because I’ve been spayed as I was old enough for the operation. My foster mum has many cats and I get on very well with them, I like dogs but I like people most. I’m a good and friendly cat, I quickly find my feet anywhere. Despite being young, I’m calm, I don’t make any damages in the flat and I can behave myself in front of people.

A csodálatos színem és a különös mintázatom miatt esztétikában jártas örökbefogadó is nyugodtan jelentkezhet ám! (Na, gyorsan befejezem, mert mindjárt kezdődik egy izgalmas film az antilopok életéről.

Those people who are good at aesthetics can also be my owner because I have wonderful colours and a special pattern. (I have to finish now because there will be an exciting film on the life of antelopes in a few minutes.) However, if I was the director, there would be a bit more programmes on cats. Let’s say half of the programmes. At least. So I’m waiting for an owner who loves and spoils me, takes care of me for my life, who has NatGeo, or – as I can adapt quite easily - sometimes tells me stories about the savannahs or the rain forests. And I’m also interested in penguins…

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