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The Story of surprising Surprise
My name is Surprise. I am going to talk about myself, as like all cats I like talking about myself the most. About one year ago, I was coming from a party across the fields and somehow I wandered into Noé, since I woke up in the farmyard. I did not know where I was, I looked around and there were lots of chickens, geese and stuff. I was like „ I’m dreaming”, but I did not. There was a fenced area where a blond girl came into one morning. She looked at me and asked: „Who are you?” I was like „Sorry, who are YOU?” Later, she bought me fresh water and food. I was like „Wow, I must be at a hotel or something with this all inclusive service”.

I stuffed myself and since then I live here. I was given the name Surprise because they found surprising how I got there. Well, I do not understand this because I know I was there, but how I came there is another thing, I do not know. I must be some kind of magic cat to got through that big place with so many dogs and stuff. I am soooo cunnnnning:) I am always on the move to look around elsewhere, but seriously, why would I leave this place? I have everything, freedom, food, etc.. Heck no, I stay here. It is good and humans should be glad to see my beauty. Recently, I was also cast in a calendar indeed. At least I would have been given some payment for modeling. Let's say a food specialty, for example schnitzel or some fancy food. But anyway, I don’t mind, promotion is promotion. Only chickens are annoying, I have not seen such shameless creatures. The other girl has to wait while I am eating otherwise the chickens attack to eat up my food. I don’t know what to do with so many chicken, their bite is painful so I just let them do whatever they want.

But the girl waits many times and shoos them until I finish my meal. So I have my own servant, cool, I like it. George III walks ant talks like a peacock or something...oh, sorry, he IS a peacock. He shows off when he is horny and I laugh at him when he displays himself for the geese. I say” Hey man, they are out of your league, they are know.” but he does not understand. He courts but he is always sent off. Poor thing just pursues love. What will happen to him? The little deer is nice. There is a guy who always comes and brings him something to drink. He drinks it like it was mother milk, and follows the guy like a shadow. They look so sweet together. Like father and son. I have so much more to tell you, but I have to go, I will sit on the rooftop and take a huge nap. I will be back and tell you more.
Hugs and kisses,


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