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Nightmare in Csepel
On 04. 01. 2012 the Animal Protecting Guards received notification that homeless people in Csepel were stealing pure-bred dogs and kept selling them in subways.

On 06. 01. 2012, with the cooperation of Animal Protecting Guards, Animal Rescue League and the police they raided to control those pet’s circumstances. In a ruined building 5 cats and 16 dogs were found! First they started to check if there was any identification chip under their skins, and as a result, 2 dogs could go home to their families. One of them disappeared around May 2011 from Csepel…

Their health status was the second to find out. 5 of the dogs were transported immediately by animal guards, they were all severely malnourished, dehydrated, full with scars!

Cats’ health status was the same, they were closed besides two wings of one window to keep them out of dogs. All of them were dirty, full with worm, fleas, itchy ears and abnormally thin.

These cats were adopted by our Cat Rescue Team. All of them are extremely thin except Bliss. First thing to know about them: they were really shy but when feel the love they turned tame and started to purr.

Bliss is a grey tabby girl around 11 months old. She spent the less time in the building, so she is quite healthy – she is ready to adopt.


1-2 years old red male cat with severe cat flu, under treatment. He is very thin – around 3,4 kilograms – still dirty after multiple cleaning.


2-3 years old red, male cat. Hard to identify his real age as some of his teeth is missing. His weight is 2,7 kilograms.

1-1,5 years old white, male cat. His kidneys are small, and the intestinal are thick. He has fever (40 °C) his weight is 2,7 kilograms.

2 years old white female cat. She has diarrhea and ulcer inside her mouth. Her weight is 2,5 kilograms.

On the day of their save, they were all covered by urine and dirt! They were starving and were thirsty for days. We are trying to do everything to make them ready to adopt, and we are looking for supporters since their medical costs are really high. If anybody could help us, please send your donation in our bank account Nr. 11710002- 20085016!

We would like to thank for the help to Animal Protecting Guards, to Animal Rescue League and to the Police who made this action to save the pets from those humans – human is not the correct word to describe those people hurting poor pets like this… we really, really hope they will get what they deserve!!!

We would also like to say thank you for our temporary adopter Kinga, who gave temporary home them, taking them to doctor, and trying to prove to those poor kittens that there are still good people!

Thank you!

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