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The adventures of Dudesz Dudder aka
This week I was hitting Domestos and disinfection towel usage records plus teaching "Debilke" to speak the cat-language. But let us start from the beginning.

Fortunately now I can only laugh about the whining cat since the night of horror because I know it is "Dudder" and there is nothing to worry about, it is only 2 or 4am. I got used to live with the feeling of a heart attack, however living with “Dudder” is a different story.
One day “Dudder” let me know that he had enough of the dry food and expects some wet instead since his teeth were not good anymore. He also mentioned that he could not care less that "Debilke"- my other cat - was eating only dry food for the past 12 years because of his intestine problems. So I stopped arguing since I was talking to a cat.

As soon as I could, I got some quality, carefully chosen cat food. The options are overwhelming: bio, natural, senior, nutritious etc. After 1.5 hours I was finally asked if I needed any help. I kindly refused since my cat already shared his desire and requests and I was just executing his orders. The seller smiled and told me I have 5 minutes left to choose and leave the store because they are about closing. I calmly cursed, chose the foods and remembered I needed some cat litter also... plus a cat toilet. There were not so many options so it took no time to decide.

In the beginning "Dudder" did not eat, nor did he produce anything. However his new toilet with the roof is amazing, he tested it as soon I got home. Ooops the other way around - the ass outside, head inside. I informed him about his tiny mistake, he looked at me and was nodding. My "Debilke" who was sitting close to me and he never ever took a dump next to his toilet - he was laughing. Without the toilet-roof it worked...for a day, then "Dudder" drank "Debilke's" milk, stole and ate some extra cat food and the Armageddon started. I have never ever had an experience like this even though I was potty-training some puppies before. As you might have guessed already - "Dudder" had diarrhea.

Just picture the following: you arrive home, switch on the lights, look around and everything seems to be normal for the first blink. Your parquet and stones are dark brown and you still have no idea! And then you look towards the sofa... you figure that you have no Domestos at home. But have brown spots everywhere. Everywhere. "Dudder" is looking at you with his "hihowareyoubiginnocent" eyes, "Debilke" is on top of the cupboard - the only clean place in the house. You go to your neighbor asking for disinfecting stuff, accepting the whole courtyard laughing at you. Thank you very much.
During the next 4 days, "Dudder" changed his lifestyle and I used 600 disinfection towels and one full Domestos bottle. I changed my habits too. I started using a 5 year old gift from my mother ie a pair of cute, pink, dogfaced slippers with plastic soles. Goodbye walking in the dark barefooted.

For 2 days I slept with closed windows and "Dudder" was like his old himself. I guess he is happy about it too and started a new show for me. When he whines at night and I scream either "Shut up" or "I'm gonna cut your leg and make a keychain from it", then he stops. After a couple of days he was aware of the meaning of each sentence and was a good cat. Last night (of course in the early morning) however he was crying again like "mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuu" and I screamed my favorite 2 sentences. Everything was quiet and suddenly both of them started meowing at full power. I slowly got up and saw them sitting and meowing calmly in the middle of the living room. I wondered what the heck they were doing! They told me that now they were cat bff and I should be happy that they do not hate each other anymore. They followed me to the bedroom, jumping like kangaroos. Like two whining kangaroos. But at least my house is clean now.

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