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Adventures of the Dragon sisters III.
Life's wonderful, the birds are singing, lalalala… Mrs Osama and Chubby are still hanging out at our place. Okay, I'm being unfair, because Mokka's not Chubby anymore, she's lost almost 50% of her body weight during a sad incident. It happened when Mommy went hiking, and got an MMS on Sunday morning with the title: Here's what's been inside Mokka. Brain haemorraghe hit me in that very moment, but it came to light that it's not that big of a problem. Mokka just happened to be eating until she puked. The food came out just the way it went down. So she became beautiful and petite.

I confess I was a little worried that after the first days they wouldn't give me anything to write about in the diary. Of course, it was a silly thing to think, since we're talking about kittens. First of all they're hurting one of my poor plants. The one that survived everything, including my caring love, and here come these two, jumping into the middle of the plant in some kind of Batman-style, and they lay in the pot. The joke is that they couldn't care less about me shouting or standing next to them. There goes my potency as a parent. :-S

One evening I was running down from upstairs to break their little young necks, because they were killing my plant again, but I almost broke my own neck on the stairs, so I decided to withdraw for the time being. And the plant was moved to the balcony.
Now I call these two Sooty Dustbin Researchers, or, if I want to put it harshly, Little Sooty Dustbin Researcher Bitches. Yeah, I know it's coarse, but let's face it: every cat's like that, or if they weren't originally, heat will bring it out of them. They got these titles after several days of hard work. First, they still get on that piece of furniture I mentioned earlier, and throw the little dustbin off, which contains empty bags and cans of cat food. There was a time when one of them was sitting in the bin and she was just blinking there innocently.

They get empty bags of meat out of the big dustbin downstairs, usually with the help of Father Banyesz, who's not lucky enough to get his share after the work is done. One day Pupilla was drawing a bag along which had meat in it, she liked the label. It was halfway in her mouth when I grabbed her, she growled like never before. I could only get the label from her mouth in tiny pieces, because she's got a lockjaw. All this for a picture with a piece of meat on it, god! Anyway, food is very important when it comes to them, I swear I can't understand why they're so hungry all the time. There's no medical explanation for it, they've gotten vermifuge, so there must be another reason. We got it recorded on tape when their bowl's in my hand, and they're suffering spectacularly from hunger.If they get 3 packets, the same happens before the third packet. Also we noticed, that they're so cute when they're licking each other's head after eating. Oh yeah, they're only trying to get the leftovers off one another.

There's a great program at night, I think we'll need therapy if the kitties find their dream owner and move away from us. In the summer people – we surely – sleep with thin blankets. The problem is that sharp claws get through it easily. I swear to you, I don't even move my legs, honest! No problem, these two get around my feet and jump at it several times and from several directions. And it hurts. Especially if dreams and reality come together. And they only want MY leg. Maybe I'll grow some hair, and then they'll won't be such a good target. Anyway, I'll stick to these thick socks for now. It's good that the weather's not too hot. The girls grow so fast, they'll soon be out of the cute little cat category, they'll be teenagers, but also more beautiful. It's true that they chew the hair off from above the other's eyes all the time... because of this I once thought that one of them sleeps with open eyes, and there's something wrong with her.


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