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What kind of temporMommy would you be?
Our test will show what kind of temporary home you would provide for a kitty as a temporary mummy. ;)

1. You receive the kitties and place them in a rabbit cage (as suggested by experienced cat owners). What do you do in the first two hours?

a) You let the kitties calm down and understand the new situation – of course, you provide them some food, water and litter.

b) During the first two hours you check them 1-3 times to see if everything’s fine with them.

c) You check and touch them in every 5 minutes and – just to make sure – you call the Cat Rescue Service and the vet, too, as they are sleeping and obviously breathing, but one can never know…

d) You don’t move from the cage and also apply a baby respiratory monitor.

2. How do you feed the kitty/kitties?

a) You feed them with several different kinds of junior wet and dry food.

b) You try many different food as you wish them to feel excellent.

c) You feed them with several different kinds of junior wet and dry food, and give them some cooked meat, ham and liverwurst as blandishment.

d) You contact each and every pet food producer chemists’ and ask their opinion. Of course, you also call the Cat Rescue Service and the vet, too. You pile up a stock of pet food (of several brands and flavours) which will be enough for the next one year.

3.What do you do when the kitties have diarrhea?

a) If it is of normal colour, you only decrease the amount of their food and give them some anti-diarrhea medicine or try out other practices.

b) As you haven’t experienced it yet, you call the vet (who will tell you to do exactly as stated in a) and to take the kitties into the pet surgery if there’s a greater trouble)

c) You panic and call everyone who might know the solution for the problem. Of course, they will help you but they won’t have the best impression of you…

d) You are changing colours and as the result of the excessive stress and liability you faint before having done anything.

4. It’s time to take the kitty to the vet for deworming and vaccination. How do you behave?

a) You are relaxed and ask all the important questions. You hold and calm down the cat if it is necessary.

b) You are a little bit nervous but you try to rally all your strength and to behave as an adult (since your kitty needs you)

c) Well, you have a quick drink as you can stand neither the needle nor the doctors. Nevertheless, you are the temporMommy, and the vet is not surprised by your behavior at all as he already knows you very well (from the many phone conversations you have had)

d) First of all you have to find a new vet since the former one is not willing to see you (as the result of molestation you did to him by phone).You need an assistant to calm you down. You are trembling as a leaf and close to collapsing. An alternative: you send your husband / boyfriend; after all, it is a male job.

5. How do you give the medicine in for your kitty?

a) Open mouth, put in medicine, close mouth, stroke throat. That’s not atomic physics! In case the kitty is very smart, you use tweezers.

b) You try to be as scientific, as possible, you read a lot about it but, being an adult, you cope with this huge task. You might get injured but you successfully manage it.

c) First of all, you have a quick drink. Then you roll up your jumper’s sleeves and get closed in the toilet together with the cat. You chase the animal up on the wall and all over the floor as you really have read how to do it professionally but you can’t. Your chances are 50-50: you might manage to do it – or you might not. In the end, the kitty can have a shot, too.

d) You order a book on this topic and some devices from the Internet. You get prepared for the operation for some days but when it comes to the real action, you realize the suffering you might cause to this poor little honey-bunny and so you faint. When you recover, you call the Cat Rescue Service and the vet.

6. What kind of measures of precaution you do to protect your kitties?

a) You take it easy; you know that cats take care of themselves. You don’t leave the door and the window open.

b) You try not to leave many stuff in the kitties’ way, you put away the stabbing-cutting devices and the probably toxic plants and chemicals.

c) As you are not a house fairy, your kitties get in troubles all the time, all over your home. When the cat falls off the table due to the kleenex you have left there, you get ashamed and quickly tidy up the whole house.

d) You purchase the most complex baby safety set in the best tinker shop. You use industrial antiseptic wipes to clean up and maintain an empty sterile room in the house.

7. How do you approach the candidate pet owners?

a) As Cat Rescuers always filter the applicants, you are sure that the chosen adopting parents must be good people. However, you wish to rely on your sixth sense, thus you ask them the standard questions.

b) Nobody can be such a good mommy like you but you try to be nice and courteous. Of course you give your sweetheart only to the most excellent candidate.

c) You check them on the Facebook and prepare a questionnaire to test them. You glare at the poor candidates and you are a little bit mistrustful with them.

d) You have the candidates inspected by the police. You ask the future owners to write a ten-page essay on how they will nurse the kitty and to prepare a project plan for the next 1-3 years. You ask them to give you their schedules to know when to drop in for visit.

Here are the answers :)

If you have chosen A in most cases:

The Mother

You are perfectly prepared and aware of all the threatening and supporting factors in the life of a kitty. You would apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the cat before calling anybody for asking advice. You should note only one thing: no matter how hard it will be, keep self-control even when you are handing over the little furry tabby-cat into the “claws” of the adopting parents!

If you have chosen B in most cases:

The Lovely Doubter

Generally, you are suitable for this task but you are uncertain of yourself. You check everything several times (Google is your best friend and you have saved the vet’s number under speed dial in your phone), even though, you simply wish to get ready for any possible problems. You supply your home with thousands of different pet toys before you would bring the little orphan to your home, and you also bash all the nasty proud nails in the threshold for fear of the tiny cat would get injured. You put new insect screens on the windows and you also teach the hardest lesson to your partner, i.e. how to put down the toilet seat and how to keep it that way.

If you have chosen C in most cases:

The Spooked

You don’t know why there isn’t a 24-hour cat advisory service on the Internet, and thus you feel that you are lacking all the necessary knowledge to survive these few weeks. When you need to do the shopping, you ask your neighbor to come and see after the kitties; and when you realize that this is not enough, you set webcams all over the house that you can check from your smart phone, either. If you have to nurse a sick cat, you keep a luggage at the door that you simply have to grab and rush with the kitty in case of emergency. Of course, the luggage hides some live saving drugs, astronaut food, the most important cosmetic products and a mini-jumper, just in case it is needed…
Hold your horses! ;)

If you have chosen D in most cases:

The Goofy

You are simply “catmaniac” and it’s okay but you should relax a little bit.
You are the TEMPORARY mommy. In case the cat doesn’t eat, you start worrying – when they eat too much, you put them on a diet. You examine their defecation every morning and night, and you also document the results which you upload on each and every cat forum to make sure that they are fine. You need to make three new registrations a day on average since your accesses to most forums are forbidden. We suggest you to practice this mantra either in writing and orally: “I am an adult human being. I am able to keep a kitty alive.” or “This is a cat, a developed mammal who has very good chance to survive without any assistances.”

Don’t worry, in some time you will manage to fit in the society and to meet the generally accepted norms.

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