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Name: Csipesz-Gazdis!
Sex: Female
Born: 2014.07.01.
Arrived: 2014.09.08.

If you have questions about Csipesz-Gazdis!, please send an e-mail to !

Hi! I’m Csipesz, the sister of Fürgönc. We were left behind in a box at the entrance of a veterinary clinic when were only 3 weeks old. When the doctors found us they seemed to be very said, they were talking about some kind of injections and they were worried who will take care of us and feed us. Since they are an animal friendly, “no kill” vet clinic, this option was ruled out quickly, and one of the nice doctors took us home. She was feeding us every 3 hours with milk replacer. Unfortunately two of our brothers wasn’t strong enough to survive without a cat mother L Now we are 10 weeks old, we play a lot, we are house trained and we like to make trouble. When we are tired we love to be around humans, sit on their laps and sleep. And the humans seem to enjoy it for some reason!:)
We’d love to find a place what we can call Home and to find that human who takes care of us in the rest of our lives.
Regarding to my temporary mother I’m the coolest among all of us, she says I was the first to learn how to drink milk by myself and eat from a plate, and I was the first to be house-trained as well. And I’m the heaviest too-and the biggest troublemaker of course. J If I have a lots of toy in front of me I prefer to play with those ones instead of making trouble. I love to eat, I can ask for my food from the can very intensely. But people say it’s adorable.

If you are interested, please contact us at!

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