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Name: Stone
Sex: Tom
Born: 2010.05.01.
Arrived: 2012.05.24.

If you have questions about Stone, please send an e-mail to !

Stone was brought to the vet with urethra problems. His owners could not afford the surgery and have asked the vet to put him to sleep instead. The vet has contacted us asking for a possibility to give Stone to the shelter. After he has been examined by our vet, it has turned out that Stone’s illness is unfortunately much more severe than we have thought. The last, thinnest part of his urethra has to be removed, the surgery will cost around 30.000 – 40.000 HUF. If you can, please donate so that we can save this beautiful tom, it is urgent! Our bank account is: 11710002- 20085016

Thank you!

Please keep your fingers crossed for Stone! We will keep you posted on his condition!

29th May: During surgery it has turned out that Stone’s bladder is not functioning anymore and there is nothing the vet can do to save him. Stone has passed away after surgery leaving us all very-very sad…

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