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Cat of the week: Bunnyears
I’m all the more lost now, so let’s sum this up, to clear up the species problem. Given is
a suckling-growling Mummy’s favourite with sail-like ears and frisbee eyes. Difficult.
Having excluded the cat species, let’ see what else he can be.

Cat of the Week: Batyu (Bundle)
Do you remember Batyu (Bundle)? He is the tomcat who was left in a bag on the way to the shelter saying that he should get on with life alone… starting with gnawing the bag out. Luckily we didn’t let him do it but helped him and started to look after him.

Cat of the Week: Yang
So whoever dares to say it again that all black cats are the same, look deeply into my eyes without twinkling!

Cat of the Week: Kacér (Coquette)
Dear Ladies, put your hands on your heart and admit that it’s an exciting thing to flirt. It insites men and makes the elderly young. It’s a privilege for women and we’d never give it up!

Cat of the Week: Diego, Nola és Gréti
We just want to make it clear at the beginning, we aren’t the three musketeers or the three little pigs. Although we arrived in one pack, we’re unique togteher and separately too.

Cats of the Week: Bermuda és Karibi

We’re fashionable tomcats who are specially bicolour (’black and white’ – says the foster mum). It’s not a hiding colour, only if we want to hide on a chess board or among Dalmatian dogs, but despite this they didn’t recognize us because they put us in front of Noe in a box and left us there.

Cat of the Week: Syd
What are you up to? Whatever it is, I’m in! Take me into it! I’m a sportscat! I can’t be beaten in various types of sports: free exercise, acrobatics, high and long jump and gymnastics on the apparatus.

Cat of the Week: Zorka
Don’t pick at me! I told you not to! Maybe 5 minutes later, but not now! Anyway, is it dinner time? Of course I remember that I had dinner earlier.

Cat of the Week: Morgó
My name is Chu, but I used to be called Morgó when I was here at Noe Animal Shelter. (Since then I’ve changed a lot, I got to like people, in the past few years I didn’t growl or hiss at anybody.)

Cat of the Week: Malibu
My name is Malibu and I need a little bit long time in the mornings to wake up so I’ll just laze a bit and wait patiently for my foster mum to have a shower and then prepare and serve my breakfast.

Cat of the Week: Micus
I know that the kitten season is on now, and everybody wants to see cute little kittens, not a 2-year-old adult cat, but I’d like to introduce myself, someone may be interested in a mini cat.

Cat of the Week: Brandy
Khhmm...khhhmmm..microphone check one two..khmmm..

Cat of the Week: Kávé (Coffee)
I’m a street cat with pot-house manners. My name is Kávé (Coffee) that I got from my finder.

Cat of the Week: Rea
No, it’s not that the sun shines in my face. And no, I can’t keep a smarter and nicer face for the owner searching photo.

Cats of the Week - Penny és Delilah
Hi, I’m Penny and I’m here to introduce myself. I don’t remember much of my past, only that I and my babies in my tummy were dropped into a garden.

Cat of the Week - Vackor
My shiny fur has silver stripes in it and I have a spot on my chin. I don’t have an everyday look and I fit even to the most fastidious decorator’s home.

Cat of the Week - Lola
My name is Lola, I’m almost 5 months old. Now I could start talking about my terrible childhood, about my ownerless parents, that I was hated by a block of flats, that I’m black and that I always heard people say „let’s kill those cats”.

Cat of the Week – Bagira
Dear Sirs and Madams,I’m Bagira, a ten-month-old spayed tom cat. As many of us, I and my two brothers and sisters also started our lives in the street.

Cat of the Weekl - Csongor
Good afternoon everybody! I was taken away from watching the TV to come here and introduce myself. According to my foster mum this the only way to get a normal (and of course a final) dream owner.

Cat of the Week – Alain
Brrrrrrrrr-brrrrrrr-brrrrrr my name is Alain, one of Delon’s brothers. My foster mum told me to stop purring for a while so you can understand what I’m saying.

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